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Air Compressors

Pressure Systems Consulting & Services


At Air Alliance, we provide impartial advice and an independent service in supplying comprehensive and wholly compliant solutions to ensure our industry colleagues and customers pressure systems legal responsibilities are met.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, expertise, the service that we offer and our flexible approach to our clients’ requirements.  This is reflected in the number of clients who frequently return to utilise our services. 


The breadth of our knowledge regarding pressure systems, their safety, operation, ways to improve their efficiency and the available equipment marketplace is unrivalled and unbiased, as we do not typically sell plant equipment - only the solutions in which to make them legal, efficient and correct.

We aim to demystify the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) jargon and assist in ensuring our customers comply with their legal duties in having their pressure system certified.


We offer:

  • Impartial Advice

  • Efficient & Compliant Solutions

  • 20 years of Expertise

  • Cost Effective Implementation

Our Services

Our Services

Below details each of our key services, click to find out more information....

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We provide Written Scheme of Examination documentation -this contains information about selected items of plant or equipment which form a pressure system, operate under pressure and contain a ‘relevant fluid’.

Site Plan

Pipework Layout


Overhead 2D factory/ building layout plans can be created......


We undertake statutory examination/ inspection services on a range of pressurised systems and their individual components.

Pressure System Schematic Drawings can be provided in compliance with Health & Safety Regulations.


Daniel from Air Alliance Ltd completed a full survey of our compressed air system. An inspection of the system was also carried out and shortly after the work was completed we received a comprehensive written scheme of examination with schematic drawing and certification for our pressurised vessels. We did not have to use any of our resources to assist, as Air Alliance carried out all work at a time which was convenient to us. We are extremely please with the end product. Our air system now fully complies with the Pessure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and we have our air system I.D. tagged to correspond with a schedule of items which require inspection and the schematic drawing. Thank you very much Air Alliance.


Need more information?

If you need some more information of what we can offer please get in touch through our contact form by clicking on the below link or simply call us.....

Air Alliance

Cannock, Staffordshire

Phone: 07974 980 934 



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