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Air Alliance Ltd was started by its principal in 2009 following some 15 years in engineering, all of which have been specifically within the compressed air industry.

Experience has covered a wide area of activity including:

 - Product design and development
 - Installation
 - Field testing
 - Service /maintenance
 - Downstream air treatment and testing

Compressed gases such as:


 - Medical compressed air

 - Nitrous Oxide gas

 - Nitrogen gas

 - Carbon Dioxide gas

 - Oxygen gas

 - Argon gas

 - Helium gas

 - Hydrogen gas

 - Sulphur Hexaflouride gas

 - 5% Carbon Dioxide in Air mix gas

have also featured within the consultancy’s work.  Present legislation concerning Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 demand the levels of qualification and competence practiced by Air Alliance Ltd. These coupled with a full and comprehensive knowledge of legislation, codes of practice, examination and inspection techniques ensure that the consultancy provides the highest level of service and advice to clients.

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